Copy Paste Job



  • Once you receive your login details, You need to login and click on Copy Paste Job Tab, there you will get all data and instructions
  • System will provide you today’s data and you need to enter in appropriate place.
  • You can take available paid job from this earning or you can withdraw your payment.
  • You can take maximum 20 data per day only in free plan and complete your task on daily basis.
  • Every day you have to submit new data. Don't take same data every data. Otherwise it will marked as duplicate.
  • During payment time our system will check your task and it will check your work in correct way or not?
  • If system will found you have not done your work in correct way and you have just submitting same data daily then there will be no payout  and our system will reming you about your account can be disable any time.
  • Right now only few free plans are available. Very soon we will make other plans also free. So check this site daily. Meanwhile you can start with available free work.
  • We have mention all instruction in website. So please read everything carefully before starting the work.